@PanasonicUSA Precision Facial Hair Trimmer...The Best!

O...M...G!!! Girl look at your eyebrows. Are you keeping that part of your face warm? I cannot see any other reason why you would want your eyebrows that thick.  You see my eyebrows, I never let them get thick like that.  

Ever had a moment like above when your home girl tell you that your eyebrows are bushy.  As if you never looked in the mirror and realized that they were.  If you are like me and don't know how to pluck, you will make sure to go get them threaded (or waxed as other women do).  A typical threading cost anywhere from $15-$20 each visit.  Might not sound like much, but when it's once or twice per month you are spending $180 - $480 per year. 

Your face probably is looking like the lady above.  Well pick up your chin and run over to your favorite store whether it be Walgreens or Target. to grab one of Panasonic Beauty products that will save you some money.  It's called the Panasonic Precision Facial Hair Trimmer

Check this out! 



I, Smiley Reed, will reiterate how I am not experienced in plucking eyebrows or shaping them.  My best way is to go get them threaded.  When I got this the first thing came to mind was "You do not know how to arch your own eyebrows!"  Funny, but true.  

Tried the trimmer any way.  Lovelies, I am glad I did.  It is very easy to use.  It cleans up the eyebrows well.  For someone who had no experience with eyebrows to be able to trim it themselves is an A+ product in my book.   Afterwards there is a brush that you can use to clean the trimmer with, and the blade is removable that way you can wash with soap & water.  Takes less time than your next threading or waxing appointment.  All you need is a AAA battery to get started.



Got them thin and arched!  This is an awesome product.  I say hurry and get you one TODAY Lovelies! 

Check out the close up of both before and after. 


This discreet grooming tool is for anyone...even those beginner Lovelies who'd rather spend the money. 

Do you have this product already?  Are you going to try it out?  Let Smiley's Healthy Way of Life know your experience with the Panasonic Precision Facial Hair Trimmer.