A Protective Style At It's Best!

Crochet Braids by Angeline Neal

Crochet braid is one of the leading protective styles in our natural hair community.  If done properly, it aids in protecting your ends from damage and promotes hair growth.  Today we are interviewing Mrs. Angeline Neal, a Baton Rouge local beauty who has mastered the skill.  

Mrs. Angeline Neal; wearing one of her crochet braid styles.

Mrs. Angeline Neal; wearing one of her crochet braid styles.

We wanted to get to know Mrs. Neal as we've heard so much about her personality and talent.  What we've heard is beyond truth.  Mrs. Neal is a very free spirited person.  She loves everything about life that God has given her.  Seeing other people fulfill their happiness gives her joy.  She has three beautiful daughters who support her in every way.  Mrs. Neal learned to braid hair at the age of 12.  

~WOW!  That's pretty early.  I remember being a tomboy at that age. ~ 

She has been braiding hair since then with recently deciding to learn how to crochet braid in a new technique. Crochet braid is installed differently from when it first came about in the early 90s.   She started by doing her own hair with the technique that she learned.  When people would see her hair they would ask,  "Who did your hair?" and the rest was history.  Her passion for crochet braiding shows in her styles.  

"I love making my clients more beautiful than they already are, and I love seeing the smile on their faces when they see their new style." -Angeline Neal

Tips From Our Beauty, Mrs. Neal:

What brand of hair do you prefer?  

There are sooo many brands of hair out there, and a lot of them are pretty good.  I, myself prefer Peruvian because the hair is soft and doesn’t shed a lot.

How long should crochet braids be left installed?

It is totally up to you how long you leave them in.  If they are installed properly, they can be left in up to 2 months.

How do you take care of your tresses while wearing crochet braids?

To keep you crochet braids looking neat and beautiful, I suggest wearing a hair bonnet every night and I recommend spraying your tresses with synthetic wig hair conditioning.

Can you wash your hair while wearing crochet braids?

I have never washed my hair while wearing crochet braids and I have not advised that to my clients.

What is the proper way to take the crochet braids out?

I take my crochet braids out by lifting the hair up and then I cut the hair at the top of the knots and then you will be able to pull the knots away from your own braided hair.


Crochet Braid Style

Crochet Braid Style

Crochet Braid Style

Crochet Braid Style

Contact Information

If you are in the Baton Rouge Surrounding areas and would love to have your hair slayed, we would highly recommend you to give this Crochet Diva a call.

For appointments call: 225-302-4405

To see styles by Angeline, "Like" Facebook Page Crochet Braids by Angeline

Prices range from $40.00 - $60.00

Thank you for reading this post!  Please feel free to share to your family and friends.  Don't forget to get styled by Angeline Neal.  As always, Have a blessed and healthy day! 

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