January Curlkit

Last year, I decided  that I was going to do protective styles the whole year. This year, I decided to subscribe to a monthly membership of Curlkit. I will do product reviews on some of them items in the box.

Curlkit is a company that wants to help us naturalistas, by making it easier on us buying and trying different products. When you become a member, each month you are sent 6-9 sampled that they tried and picked out themselves. These items could be anything from shampoos and edge control to hair tools. If you find a product that absolutely works for your hair, you can purchase the full size on Curlkit online shop. Maybe with ones you don't like, you could give them to someone else.

Well lovelies, let me tell you what's in the box... 

Few products from the Curlkit

Few products from the Curlkit

True Conditioning Styling Cream (full size)

On the front of the bottle it says it "stretch and elongate" the hair. Works with straight 1B/1C, wavy 2C, curly 3A/B, curly could 3C, and could 4B/C hair. It also reads that it has Shea, honey, coconut & mango in this product. When you flip it over it reads, "because you're beautiful...made with lots of love, patience and honesty." How wonderful is that for a product to tell you that you're beautiful, each time you use it?! Lol. Also, the product is made with no sulfates, no parabens, no animal testing and no silicones. This product has a wonderful smell to it. Now, I like to read the first 5 ingredients of a product, so the first 5 ingredients of this product are water (Aqua), glycine soja (soybean) oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, cetyl alcohol, and stearyl alcohol. Most naturals wouldn't even read the ingredients, that would just read the front of the bottle and be happy with seeing that Shea, honey, coconut and mango are in this product. The good thing is that the coconut is in the top 5 but the rest are 11, 12, and 13th of the ingredients. Not trying to talk bad about this product because I haven't used it yet, but want you lovelies to know how it is important to read the ingredients before buying/using a product. 

Directions: Apply to damp or dry hair. Place a small amount into the palm of your hands, and then rub hands together. Gently work into your hair and scalp, showing extra love to the ends. Style as desired. True tip: layer with true leave-in conditioner for maximum moisture retention and elongation.  

UR Curly  Still Control for Edges (Full size)

The bottle reads "free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, silicones, protein, & dyes, Enriched with Abyssinian oil, Extreme hold".  It also states that the Abyssinian oil helps to moisturize your hair shaft, help to keep your hair soft, natural and healthy looking, and help reach to your hair goals. Product is great for tapered cuts, creating smooth ponytails, and up-do's. This product has a pleasant smell to it. I never really used edge control since I've been natural but since my edges came out in two spots and is growing back, I've started using edge control. It will be nice to see how this item works on my hair. With edge control, the ingredients may not be important like for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and styling cream but I will tell you that the Abyssinian oil is the second to last of the ingredients and there is 10 of them. Also, one of the ingredients is mineral oil (6) and I know some naturalistas like to stay away from mineral oil. Well, for me I am more worried about if it really lays and keep my hair down and no flakes. 

UR Curly Tight Curl Enhancer (full size)  

 Same brand as the edge control but this time the bottled reads "free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates & dyes, made with soy protein, enriched with Abyssinian oil, aloe and honey, adds moisture & defines curls or waves". It's a weightless gel activator that rejuvenate your curls and waves, defining their shape, controlling the frizz, shiny and soft to touch. It also, delivers lasting curl memory, reduces breakage and nourishes damaged hair.  Just like the edge control, all the "good ingredients" are the last ones. 

Directions: After hair has been shampooed and conditioned throughly, detangle your tresses, toweling it dry but leaving the hair damp. Depending on your hair type, apply a moderate amount of our curl enhancer to your hair, starting at the scalp and smoothing to your ends. Style as desire. To keep hair moisturizer and curls defined, use this product daily to help your curls retain their curl memory. 

After reading the directions I feel that this product may work good for a wash n go, but it may work good with other styles too.

Curls-R-Us Moisture Rich Leave - In Conditioner (full size)

Starting with the front of the bottle, no parabens, no mineral oil, no petroleum, no silicones, and no dyes. It's made with natural oils and extracts. It has a very nice smell to it. Now let's flip over to the back of the bottle. This leave - in is a lightweight conditioner that can be used daily to softens and detangle, moisture and shine to damaged hair. It also, helps restore and smooth dry hair cuticles, helps tame frizz as it defines and enhances natural curls. Works great for color treated hair. The first five ingredients are de-ionized water, glycerine (vegetable derived), silk protein, prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, and camellia sinensis (green tea) extract. Now I must say those are great first five ingredients and mostly all the other ingredients are the other natural oils and extracts it talked about on the front. 

Directions: Apply to freshly shampooed hair for best results. Do not rinse. Use daily as needed. 

I also have sample sizes in here such as UR Curly shampoo and conditioner, Shea Moisture shampoo and hair masque, Curls Unleashed boosting jelly, Eco cocktail, Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner. Also, a little booklet to talk about the Curlkit and other helpful tips.

All of these products are brands that I never heard of and never used, so lovelies I can't wait to turn them out and let you know all about it 100%.