Crochet with Kanekalon Hair

My next hairstyle was crochet braids with kanekalon hair.  I believe this hairstyle took only two packs of hair. I wore the is hairstyle in February around Mardi Gras time. I kept this hairstyle in for at least 2-3 weeks. The short period of time was because I was having an allergic reaction to the hair. My face was itching and breaking out, my scalp was itching and getting sores. 

When I first noticed my allergic reaction, I did some research about it and found some websites stating to wash it Apple cider vinegar. I decided to try it out a few times to see if it actually work.  For the most part, my face and scalped stopped itching. I was thinking that the Apple cider vinegar did work but at the same time I didn't want to keep the hair in much longer.  

After taking the hairstyle down, I noticed that I had two small bald spots around my edges. I know that the way my mom braided my hair wasn't too tight for the hairstyle. So I'm not sure if it was because of allergic reaction and all of scratching and sores to cause my hair to fall out in those spots. I was a little mad and sad about it because my hair is gone and it was in the front of my head.  

I'm not going to talk bad about this hairstyle because I did I like it. My mom did the knot less technique and it seemed like it was my real hair. I flat ironed, rolled and everything else like it was my real hair. When trying to curl it with rollers without dipping in hot water, the curls would only last a few hours to a day. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or not, but I tried to do different styles.  

I'm not sure if I would do this hairstyle again, due to the fact with me having an allergic reaction to it. But while I was doing my research on it, I did find other websites stating that you should soak the hair before putting it in your hair. Soaking it, is supposed to prevent the allergic reaction that people do have from the hair. So if I ever decide to wear this hairstyle again, I would try the soaking method first and see how it goes. 

Cyd Marie with family and friends celebrating Mardi Gras. 

Cyd Marie with family and friends celebrating Mardi Gras.