My First Wig

After dealing with the crochet braids and having the bald spots right in the front of my head, I didn't know what to do. I knew for sure I was going to let my hair breathe and not styles that pull and tug my hair. So the remainder of February, I just did low maintenance styles on my natural hair. 

In March I began to be tired of doing my natural hair and I needed another low maintenance style to wear. Well what could be better than a wig? Yes, lovelies my next protective style was a wig. Wearing a wig I knew I could slap on, shake it, comb/brush it and I was ready to go. 

I know you lovelies are like how could wear a wig, didn't your edges fell out? Yes my edges came out in two spots but once again I let my mother do my hair. So she knew to not to braid my hair tight.  

The wig I bought suited me well and I just loved it. I believe the whole month of March I wore that wig. The only problem with the wig was since it wasn't made out of real hair, when I sweat the hair would get all tangled up and nappy looking.  

Cyd Marie with her first wig.  

Cyd Marie with her first wig.  

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