Faux Locs with Reggae Hair

After wearing the wig, I wore my natural hair for the month of April. In May I decided to get faux Locs. I know from the title, you lovelies are probably wondering what the heck is reggae hair. Well, when I went to the store to get Marley hair, the store didn't have any. The hair they had were Cuban, Jamaican, reggae, kanekalon; nothing that actually said Marley hair. After talking to the woman that was going to do my hair, she told me to go ahead and get the reggae hair. 

This hairstyle came out to be very good looking on me. At first I was scared that I was going to look crazy. The only thing I didn't like, is the way she spaced it out but other than that I like it. However, I started to deal with some issues. 

My scalp started to itch as bad as when I had the kanekalon crotchet in and I also started getting sores. The first thing that came to mind was, I'm allergic to this hair too. But then I also thought, may be it's because the Locs are too tight. They were tight, but I was told that they would loosen up after while. Which leads me to my next issue.

The Locs did begin to loosen up, but to the point where they were slipping out. Yes, they were slipping out but none of my hair was coming out with it. Now, y'all may be thinking that the person must didn't know what she was doing, which is not the case. I know the person personally and I've seen her work and she never had this problem. 

The whole thing with this hairstyle was that we used hair that we both didn't know about. Secondly, when I got my hair done, my natural hair was full of products and oil because I had did a twist out that morning for work. It is all possible of me being allergic to hair and/or of all the products and oil I had on my hair could of caused the Locs to slip out. I think this hairstyle only lasted two weeks before I took them out. After taking the Locs out, the itching and sores went away. I will definitely try this hairstyle again, just with different hair and freshly washed (no products added) hair.  

Cyd Marie with Faux Locs

Cyd Marie with Faux Locs

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