Mini Twists

Previously, I discussed that I will be doing a protective style challenge for a year. My first hairstyle was mini twists. 

Cyd Marie with mini twists

Cyd Marie with mini twists

I kept the twists in for 3 weeks. The 4th week, I took the twists out and wore my hair as a twist out. Having these twists in, I honestly did not do too much with them as too maintence. When I was installing them in my hair, I had a plan of how I wanted to take care of it. That plan was too keep them looking fresh/new but they did not happen.

I installed them on a Friday, the picture above is when I was finished. On that following Sunday, I got baptized and so my hair shrunk up. The shrinkage I had no problem with because I knew I could easily stretch the hair back. However, I did not stretch my hair, I left it alone with the shrinkage. Being natural, shrinkage is apart of it, so why not embrace it. 

My nightly routine was spriting my hair with water and conditioner mixture and then applying my oil mixture. Then I would tie my hair with durag, but not too tight where it would line prints. After, I would pull my hair down so they would not be balled up under the durag. Then I covered with a satin bonnet. 

After the first week was up and the second week approaching, I decided to co-wash my hair. I used herbal essence totally twisted conditioner. When applying the conditioner, I slightly rubbed it on my hair, paying more attention to my ends. I rinsed with cold water, and I just let the water run through my hair. I did not use my hands to rinse it out. I wrapped a t-shirt around my hair for it suck up most of the water out of my hair. I did the LOC method and let my hair dry. 

At this point my hair is hella frizzy but I did not care. Just like shrinkage, frizz is apart of having hair. I did retwist a few twists in my hair but that was the only time. 

Now we are entering into the 3rd week, and it's time to wash my hair. I washed my hair with cantu natural sulfate free shampoo. But first, the night before I applied some coconut oil on my hair and cover with a plastic cap overnight. This time since I was using shampoo, I put it more on my roots and scalp and I massaged with my fingers. For rinising the shampoo out, I let the water run through while I kept massaging my scalp. I followed the shampoo with a deep conditioner, olive oil reconstruction conditioner. I left it on my hair for at least 15 minutes and rinsed with cold water. I wrapped my hair with a t-shirt to slightly dry it.

I did not do a conditioner after the deep conditioner. Also, I did not do the LOC method after I slightly dried my hair. I simply just put some cantu natural moisture curl activator cream to my hair, paying more attention to the ends. Then I applied some perm rods to my hair and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes. Yes, for the 3rd week I wore my twists curly, just to change it up. Usually I would of air dry my hair but I did my hair late at night and I had church in the morning. I used my oil mixture to take the rollers out and to separate my hair. 

As mention before, for the 4th week i untwisted my hair and wore it as a twist out. It was real pretty and curly!!! I can say the mini twist hairstyle was my shake and go hairstyle. Before I put my next hairstyle in, I will wash and deep condition my hair.