Question of the Day

What is the rudest comment that anyone has said about your natural hair?  

One day, I was riding with my roommate to Louisiana from Texas. When we got outside of Beaumont, we decided to stop at Jack In The Box for some food. The lady at the register, was a natural sister as myself. As she was taking my order, she looks at me and says "how did you get your hair that way"?

Now, let me pause the story so I can describe how my hair was that day. The day before, my hair was styled in a twist out but however it rained that day. So ladies you know what that mean, my hair was in an Afro. That night, I absolutely did nothing to my hair but put on my bonnet & went to sleep. The morning to go to Louisiana, my hair was mushed down. I spritz it and picked it out a little bit, nothing too fancy. I hope that helped y'all to visualize how my hair looked. Back to the story.

I smiled and said "like what?" and the lady says "you know, that dry brittle look". I immediately gave her a crazy look. She continues to say "your hair looks dry and brittle and I've been trying to get my hair too look like that. But my hair won't curl up like that." With the crazy look still on my face, I told her "I did a twist out on my hair and after all the rain, this is how my hair turned out." The lady smiles and says "oh ok, Imma have to try that next time."  

Ladies, hearing that lady say my hair was dry and brittle really hurt my soul. It was too the point I kept touching my hair to see if it was really dry and brittle. I was even text messaging my family, telling them what this woman said to me. Plus, why would anyone want dry and brittle hair? Having dry and brittle is not good and unattractive. I really think she meant, she wanted her hair to be tighter curls. Her hair did seem like she had very loose curls. However, the way she came about the comment, was wrong. Her comment hurt me then but as I sit her and typing this blog, all I can do is laugh and shake my head. Hearing the words "dry" and "brittle", I automatically picture a Brillo pad lol.


Brillo pad

Brillo pad

Alright ladies, give me some feedback. What was the rudest comment that anyone has said to you about your natural hair?