Then & Now

Pictures of Cyd Marie progress.

Pictures of Cyd Marie progress.

Starting from top to bottom, left to right: 

My hair in relax stage. I was a freshman in college in this picture and I was an hour away from home with no car. Meaning that I didn't go home often to get my hair relaxed. Explained in my previous post, my hair would not take relaxers. My mom would have to relax my hair every month and pray for it to be straight. Since I was away from home for college, I thought I could stretch out my relaxers and maybe my hair would grow faster. December of 2010 I did not turn back to relaxers.

1st big chop (July 23, 2011), Yay!! Don't let that smile fool you. I was not all that happy about it. I had absolutely no idea what to do to my hair or style it to "fit" me. All I could think to do was put on makeup and wear big hoop earrings. I did get compliments on it but, I myself was not feeling it. Braids and sew-ins were my best friends since I did not come home often being in college.

My hair grew longer. I was ready for something different and BOLD. Why not blonde, correct? It took me awhile to like the blonde, but when I did, I LOVED it. Yes, blondes have more fun, at least that's how I felt. My hair on the other hand, did not love the blonde. It took me some months to realize that my hair was breaking off badly in the crown area of my hair. Man, I wanted to cry because I knew that I had to cut my hair.

The lack of properly taking care of my "blonde" hair, is what led me to the 2nd big chop (November 27, 2012). Now the first picture is when my mom cut off my blonde ends and dyed my hair black. The photo next to it, is when we cut my hair into a tapered style. The tapered style was needed to go with how short my hair was in the crown area. Even though I hated having short hair, I actually liked my tapered cut. It was so easy to style and low maintenance, just get up and go. But I like long hair more.

This is me as of now, 2 years later.