Your Curl Sister, About Me!

Cyd Marie sporting the 'Chunky Twist Out' demonstrated by Carmen from My Natural Sisters.

Cyd Marie sporting the 'Chunky Twist Out' demonstrated by Carmen from My Natural Sisters.

Welcome Lovelies to L'Amour Thy Curls. My name is Cyd Maire and this website will be giving you the insight of my natural hair journey. With my experience I hope to inspire & motivate all of you curl girls, transitioning ladies, and relaxed sisters.  My blog will include tips and tricks whether they failed or not.  Cheers to a healthier mane!

Some neat things to know about me:

How long have I been natural? 

I have been natural overall 3 years but have had to cut my hair to start over.  It's been 2 years since I've started again. 

What motivated me to go natural? 

Believe it or not my hair motivated me to start this wonderful journey.  My hair was thinning, would grow and break off, and the relaxers did so much damage my hair was lifeless. If you listen to your mane it will let you know what it needs, wants, or dislikes.

Did I big chop or transition? 

December of 2010, was the month I decided to ditch the relaxers and started transitioning. My transition lasted 7 months until I decided to go ahead with the big chop. I was natural for a year until I did my second big chop on November 27, 2012.

How do I feel about being natural? 

At first, I was self-conscious about it so I mostly wore braids or sew-ins. However, after doing my second big chop, I have learned to love my hair and love being natural. My hair is much thicker, I can see the growth, it has life and more importantly it's healthier than ever. Being natural has helped me express myself more. I do feel that this was the right choice for me. 

What is my normal hair care routine? 

I actually don't have one as of yet. I'm still learning to listen to what my hair likes or dislikes...needs or wants. Since I like to dye my hair, deep condition has been my best friend.  My hair is deep conditioned twice per month.  I rotate between protein treatment and moisture treatment.