Be Unique!

Energetic Nutrition & Wellness Coach, highly motivated to help Lovelies reach their goals.  Promote methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds as well as bodies.

Look forward to being apart of your journey. -Smiley


It all started when...

I battled with self-hate, fearing food, low self-esteem, depression, and more.  Throughout my journey, it took me to first love myself.  I had to love me for me and tell myself that I am beautiful as well as that I am WORTHY.  Once I learned that, I did research after research, did trial after trial on myself, until BAM! I realized that I didn’t have to starve myself, that the weight on the scale did not define me, that I am much more than the “beauty standards” we have today.  
That was the birth of Physically Unique Diva.
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